Intelligent Stethoscope


Orbislives Steth is an intelligent stethoscope that enables clinicians to:

  • Visualize heart sounds and ECG waveforms on a smart device
  • Help detect multiple cardiac abnormalities
  • Capture, record and replay patient heart sounds
  • Print and securely share patient reports


The World’s Most Powerful Stethoscope

3-in-1: Intelligent Stethoscope plus PCG, and ECG

Medical professionals can leverage Orbislives Steth’s AI-enabled intelligence, phonocardiogram, and electrocardiogram in their single most important and prestigious device, the stethoscope.

Patented visualization and noise cancellation technology gives Orbislives Steth its edge:

  • Subtle heart sounds are often difficult or impossible to hear during auscultation
  • Orbislives Steth delivers unsurpassed sound fidelity enhanced by visualization
  • Allows clinicians to see the heart sounds providing instant cardiac insights


  • Saves time, costs and enhances the patient experience
  • Instantaneous evidence-based detection at the point-of-care
  • Eliminates wires, gels and conductive pads
  • Simple to learn and easy to use
  • Enables superior auscultation even in noisy environments
  • Allows real-time collaboration with remote specialists & Tele-medicine organizations


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